Thought 25. Strings.


Tie, sew, play,knit. With the actions that strings do, a bond is formed isn’t it? It hold things together, things in place, things right where it should be. It’s a beautiful, wonderful thing. The simplest of objects are extremely easy to reflect meaning. Meanings can be found where there are none. Yet the meaning found would be so intense, with so much depth, so many layers. As opposed to ‘an elephant in the room’ scenario. The use of an object gives it meaning. The purpose give it meaning. The meaning give it meaning. Do I make any sense? Ah well. Back to strings.

Strings. Lace your shoes. Knit a sweater. Tie up massive luggage. Play your guitar. Tie your hair. Lace up pearls. Rope it up. Bind a book. Sew on a button. Stitch wounds. To fish. Fly a kite. Hold a balance. Hang pictures. Hang clothes.


Those shoes that you’ve seen things and walked through life with. That sweater your grandma gifted your mother for you on your birth. That luggage when you traveled back home with souvenirs, gifts and memories. That guitar that helped you impress that sweet thing. That hair that has seen better days. Those pearls your sister wore to her wedding. That rope that helped you climb that dangerous cliff. That book you created as a birthday gift. That button that popped off your once well-fitting jeans. Those wounds that came after a hormone-driven fistfight. Those fishes you caught with your father on every camping trip. That kite your friends envied you for. That balance that weighed groceries every two weeks. Those pictures that decorated your dorm room.

Strings signify bonds and their memories. No strings attached. Pulling certain strings to get ahead. Strings that play people like puppets. Strings that are too complicated and knotted with some people. Strings that get pulled too far they break. Strings you love having. Strings that want to wrap yourself with. Strings that can wring your neck. Strings that can handcuff you. Strings that tie you to certain situations. Strings you form as you go. Strings that unravel. Strings that you try to tie together.

I told you.

Strings give meaning. Strings can hold you down to a life you do not want. Without strings, you float through life, without purposeful strings, without meaningful strings. You can’t try to ignore any string. Not even one.   Their purpose has a meaning and gives meaning. The question we arrive at here – does there always have to be a question? Oh yes there does. Without questions, answers will be hidden in plain sight. Dangerous is when you do not want to find , to know. For me, observing the nature and manner of a string allows me to learn. It teaches me through observation.

What teaches you through observation? What do you think defines the life you lead? What teaches you how to lead it?


One comment

  1. natempire · March 13, 2015

    Open windows for me.. They taught/teach me a lot..

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