Thought 28. About every damn poet ever.

I dont want to write.
I dont want to write
About love
and the things it does.
About heartbreak
and what never was.
About pain and hurt,
hearts covered in dirt.
About the ‘color of your eyes’,
and your ‘lips on my skin’
About how ‘instead of looking outside,
you must look within.’

About romanticizing and eulogizing,
faces, events and places.
About even and odd spaces
between two people or
pretension of insanity.

About women,
About souls,
About how they feel used
for looking like dolls.

About sex
and intimacy,
the throes of passion,
and how even that,
is another form of

About anxiety
and depression,
About painkillers
and obsession.
About things that kill
me from the inside,
about how most of the things
are really those that affect me
on the outside.

I don’t want to write.

About ego,
and psychoanalysis.
About how only you end up
so messed up,
on the verge of one of those fatal trips.

About god,
and creation.
About things we can’t let go,
About things we really hold,
and sudden revelation.

About what I see in my mirror,
About how that isn’t very clear,
or clearer,
than it should be.
Cause you see,
‘I should see me’.

About someone being vain,
someone being self-absorbed.
About someone,not me,
but really is me,
for unto her/him,
I am projected.

About how for some reason
my verbal skills make me superior
because I can express better than others,
and use rhyme scheme to my advantage .
or not.





  1. eeseul24 · January 13, 2016

    Reblogged this on No say No see.

  2. Jency Anna Abraham · January 13, 2016

    So r u going to write another poem or u not gona write anything??? ( simply joking dea)
    Actly speaking…. u put down all reality … beautiful work.

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